The Burger League Championship

How we score

Here are the factors that we use to score all the burgers...


This is what it’s all about. The meatier, juicier and rarer the better… And like all things in life, bacon and cheese can’t fail to improve things


Burger aside, this criteria scores everything else about the venue and includes such things as service, sides, music and beer

About the BLC

We can trace our roots all the way back to 2015

We are a mixed bunch united by one thing, a love of rare red meat, beer and crap banter. We meet every few weeks for a 'fixture' at one of the many fine dining establishments around our great city... Our aim, to find the best burger that the capital has to offer.

Top 3

Our current 'best of the best' based on the collective scores of the group are shown on the right. See the full scores

The BLC Team

United by a love of rare meat

Stuart Coleman

Head of Burger Compliance

Martyn Johnson

First Member of the Two Dinner Club

Neil Skingley

Founding Member of the Two Dinner Club

Steven Arnoldi

Chief Sauce & Milkshake Taster